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An artist who seamlessly blends the world of art, travel, culture and storytelling in an inspiring, imaginative and skillful way. Capturing the essence of the people and the destinations he visits, his images stir emotion in the viewer, pulling them right into the story.



Satvinder has also been studying tabla (North Indian percussion) with one of the UK’s leading tabla Masters, Shri Pritam Singh, and has exposed the art of Indian classical music to all through giving workshops, lecture demonstrations and performances in some of the world’s most prestigious festivals from Glastonbury in the UK, the International Women's Film Festival in Seoul, South Korea, and the Mecca for all Indian classical musicians, 132nd Annual Harballabh Sangeet Samelan competition in India.


TEDx - Sikhing Experience

T R A V E L S I K H, is a play on words which ties together exploration through travel and the word Sikh.

  • Sikh - siːk/ The Punjabi word meaning 'to learn'
  • Sikh siːk/ A member of the Sikh faith.

When combined together it forms the concept of ‘Learning the Art of Travel’.

My duty as a British Sikh and as an avid traveler is to not only learn about the rest of the world, but also to share my faith, heritage and culture with those I meet on my journey from my front door step to beyond.

I thoroughly believe that the cross collaboration of cultures gives us the chance to connect with people from all over the world to create a new wave of ideas, and provides us with an opportunity to find new perspectives and meanings to our existing knowledge.

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